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Why Now is The Best Time For Women to Invest!

I have learned during the pandemic that women are stepping up everywhere for their family and community; From paying medical bills to keeping the household stable, women are keeping things under control. Financial freedom can help with these situations.

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But How to get Financial Freedom?

Here comes the tricky question, how do you get financial freedom in the middle of an ongoing pandemic? Have you tried investing in the stock market? When you purchase a company's stock, you're buying a small piece of that company, called a share. Investors buy stocks in companies they think will go up in value. If that happens, the company's stock increases in weight as well. The store can then be sold for a profit.

And this is not a new concept. The first stock exchange in the United States was the Philadelphia Stock Exchange, founded in 1790. 


Not many women invest, and they regret it.

Despite the talk about improving financial education for the next generation, younger women are still short. Only 46% of millennial women are confident in investing compared to older generations. Confidence in investing is not just about the experience but also exposure.


How do we expose more women to Investing?

Just as Rome wasn't built in a day, this will also take time. One way to expose yourself to investing would be via trusted investing apps. Have you heard of MIDF Invest? If you haven't, here is why this could be the key to financial freedom. MIDF Invest is backed by MIDF Amanah Investment Bank Berhad, a regulated Malaysian financial institution, so you know your money is safe with MIDF Invest.

The 24/7 hour customer service is just a bonus.

Is Investing Hard?

Most women don't think they know enough about investing in growing their savings properly; therefore, they wait to start investing until they feel they're more financially stable and believe they can risk the possibility of losing money. A common misconception around investing is that you have to be an expert in the industry to succeed when the reality is that there are so many tools and resources that make it easy to start investing with as little as your pocket change. You can even try the MIDF Invest Demo account for those who need more guidance before continuing with money.

Make Investing Your BFF

Investing is unarguably one of the best tools to accomplish her financial goals. From sending a child to school/college, a holiday, saving up an emergency fund, saving for a significant expenditure such as buying a house or a business. Make investing your best friend. I assure you will not regret it. Again, if you aren't sure where to start, try MIDF Invest.


Author: Preveena A/P Sivakumar

Begin investing now.